This is just a fun little side-project I did. If you have ideas you’d like me to add to the generator, send me a message on tumblr about it or an email. Thanks.


edit: also, I hate to be a jerk, but taking my exact code and “improving” it by copy pasting the adjectives is…. really not cool.

for one it ruins the creativity of it- If you give someone too detailed of instructions, it stops being their project and gets a little too complicated, you know? I don’t know, I just wanted this to be a way to help people get kick-off ideas for projects to expand on… and second, I really like seeing where people come from to get on this page (using analytics) so sharing this direct page (as opposed to completely stealing the code/reuploading it) makes my day to see how many times the generator has been used. Sorry to get all text-y on ya’ll, I know you’re all just here to build.. I just wanted to say some stuff and this is kinda the best place for it.

but seriously thank you all so much to the people who have seen, shared, and used my generator to make great things!! I’ve been checking tags and subreddits and it blows me away how intricate your builds can get. just.. thank you so much for using my gen to make amazing things.

-puddle/udelle/’divreel’ (god I hate that old name lol)